Leading From the Front: Spotlighting Station Manager, Jihad Lateef

Innovation Station is a collection of hardworking, like-minded individuals led by pillars of entrepreneurial leadership. Jihad Lateef, Station Manager, is one of those leaders who brings his team to success each and every day.

Born and raised in Greer, South Carolina, Lateef remembers his childhood as an active and exciting one, splitting his time between basketball and football. “Of course being an athlete taught me how to be competitive,” says Lateef, “we don’t necessarily have a competitive environment within our office, but I learned how to be a better team player at Innovation Station.”

How did Jihad Lateef make his way to Station Manager? Like many other entrepreneurial success stories, it wasn’t exactly to plan. “I did not think I would end up in this career,” says Lateef, “When I was in school, I took a career test and sales and marketing were the major subjects I showed promise in. However, I originally had my eyes set on becoming a middle school math teacher.” After spending some time studying at Mars Hill College and Winthrop, Lateef decided to leave the classroom and get to work. Enter Innovation Station. “My life has been changed forever through Innovation Station,” says Lateef, “This experience has showed me what character traits I was missing and gave me the knowledge to gain said traits. I was given the platform to apply what I have learned and become a better person. Innovation Station has given me a sense of self worth, increased my self confidence, and made me self reliant.”

For future leaders and entrepreneurs, Jihad Lateef has advice to give straight from the head of the station. “Innovation Station is the best business school for aspiring entrepreneurs,” says Lateef, “My advice for people entering the work place is to focus less on the pay and find a strong leader you can trust that will teach you the game. Find a way to serve on the highest level and you will end up making money.

2020 is sure to bring many great things for the entrepreneurial industry, and Innovation Station is included in that. With our Station Manager at the helm, there is no limit to our potential. Lateef’s mission statement for the year is simple and clear, just like our business strategy. “My goal is to help Innovation Station become the best marketing firm in the country.”

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